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Emily Osment 1 800 Clap Your Hands Lyrics
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Some kind of light
Dancing in the distance
Breaking through the night
Path of least resistance
Fallen to earth
Gone in the morning
Only to return
Without warning
I should have wished
When I had the chance
Gone like the water
In my hand
I would do anything
Anything for you now
I would go anywhere
Anywhere at all
Don't wanna lose you
Lose you to anyone
I could be anyone
Anyone at all
Look in the sky
Down by Orion
Below the plough
Cancer sits with the lion
Preying upon
Your seven sisters
Sprawled on the lawn
Playing with Ursa Minor
I wish I could feel like a child again


Everywhere you turn
There's derision
Glued to the mobile and the television
Sun has gone down
Something breaks the horizon
Moving so fast
Hard to focus my eyes on
I wish you were here
With me tonight
Stuck on the island


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Emily Osment Lyrics for 1 800 Clap Your Hands