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853-5893 Angela can`t make itto the `phone,
if your care to leave your name and number
she`ll give you a ring when she is home.
Everytime I called her I got the message
I listened to the voice coming down the line,
I couldn`t speak to a tape recording
I re dialled it a number of times.
853-5937 Angela can`t make it to the `phone,
if you care to leave your name and number
please speak clearly after the tone,
she`ll give ou a ring when she get`s home.
I rang her this morning so very early
sthe same old message coming down the `phone,
I should go and see if her house is empty
maybe she`s poorly perhaps she`s not home.
she`s in mill hill I`m in bermondsey
it`s the end of the earth on the northern line.
it makes it so hard for me to see,
the one that I love but can never find.
I called up a close friend who lives right by her
I got the message he was out too,
I was suspicious are they together
I`ve got to find out that that isn`t true
853-5937 853-5937 853-5937 853-5937.

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