8 Mile Battle Vs Lyckity Splyt song lyrics

EMINEM 8 Mile Battle Vs Lyckity Splyt Lyrics
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[Lyckity Splyt]
This guy`s a choke artist
You catch a bad 1,
Your better off shooting yourself with poppa doc`s hand gun.
Climbing up this mountain, your weak,
I leave you lost without a paddle.
Floatin up shits creek.
You aint Detroit. Im the D.
Your the new kid on the block
about to get smacked to the boondocks.
Fucking nazi your squad aint your type,
take some real advice
and form a group with Vanilla Ice.
And wut I tell you, you better use it.
This guys a hillbilly this aint Willie Nelson music.
Trailor trash, Ill choke you to your last breath
and have you look foolish like cheddar bob when he shot himself.
Silly rabbit, I know why they call you that ...
cuz you follow future like he got carrotz up his ass crack.
And when you acted up
thats when you got jacked up
and act stupid like Tina Turner when she got smacked up.
I crack your shoulder blade
youll get dropped so hard that Elvisll start turning in his grave.
Now I know why they left you out in the dark.
You need to take your white ass
back across 8 mile to the trailor park.

[B Rabbit]
This guy raps like his parents jerked em.
He sounds like Erick Sermon ... the generic version.
This whole crowd looks suspicious
its all dudes in here except for these bitches.
So i`m a german eh?
Thats ok you look like a fucking worm with braids.
These leadaz of the freeworld rookies.
Lookie, how could 6 dicks be pussies?
Talking about shits creek bitch,
you could be up piss creek with paddles.
This deep. Your still gonna sink, your a discrace,
ya they call me rabbit this is a turtle race.
He cant get with me spittin this shit wickedy
lyckety-shot a spika-a-spicketly

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