A-Game – Can We Be Real? Lyrics

Let’s keep it real, homie
Cause I’ve been doing a lot of bullshitting with my raps lately
And a lot of these rappers nowadays just don’t speak from the heart
So fuck’em

[Verse 1]
Shoutout to the people who there for me, and who stick around
Got a couple problems I’m honestly trying to figure out
Back in the day, I’d write a lot – now the pages I’m jotting down
Lyrics with became a crumpled paper full of scribbles now
I’m tripping out about my mom & pops
They work like fucking slaves, add on their stress I feel like their heart gon’ stop
And I ain’t help, I piled on the shit
Cause they found out I got a love for narcotics, and I don’t wanna quit
Lost my sister just right after this
Not from overdosing, cause she chose to go overreact to it
By telling my parents they failed raising me
Over my lifestyle choices, this stupid bitch is just blatantly
Throwing us under the bus, jealous miserable cunt
Disowned her, wouldn’t care if I found out she got hit by a truck
I won’t apologize for my actions or for the way I feel
I’ve always been this way, hell I’m only keeping it real

[Verse 2]
I hit my breaking point, all I do is disappoint
I’m an alcoholic and cocaine is my drug of choice
I’m talking white girl, and I even did some boy
Don’t fucking judge me dog, you don’t know my life story
Sorry to make you worry, I need change in a hurry
Gotta think about my future cause right now I’m feeling buried
Under negativity it got me feeling so discouraged
I’m my worst influence, drugs are like Nike I just do it!
Living stupid I feel clueless dodging bullets, ’bout to lose it
Need improvement help me do it, I’ll do better I can prove it
Motivation leads to elevation, so let’s help each other and we all can make it
Plain and simple, I’m just saying
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and therefore, you live longer
Keep it real, I’m not a liar, life is tough you will get tired
Don’t give up, keep on fighting ’till you get what you desire
Life’s a living hell, catch me walking through the fire, smoking getting high

[Verse 3]
I’m tired of fucking up back-to-back (back-to-back-to-back)
I gotta toughen up and get my life back on track (back on track)
I can’t complain though, life is good but the way I live is bad
And the fact is, you can’t live long like that
I learned the hard way, doing things my way
Mom went through a lot of pain, I feel so damn ashamed
I need to make a change, it ain’t that easy
I struggle everyday, let ’em know, A-Game!

I try my best, but there’s sometimes where I’m not giving a fuck
Get pissed off, then suddenly I start giving shit up
Stick in the mud, but I gotta go and pick myself up
Because I never been a quitter, I can’t live as a scrub
I got goals and aspirations, quit tripping I ain’t a flipping fool
I get distracted easy, so the dream is minuscule
A life without meaning to me is pitiful
I think I’ll take a couple classes, maybe finish school, shit


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