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Says he likes his weather cold, I like it hot.
And he`s voting straight down the party line.
Always says I dress too bold and I talk a lot.
What he claimed was wrong I claimed was right.
Am I the girl version of the boy who won`t stop playing rough?

Lately now, I`m silent a lot like you.
Oh, it`s funny how I just realized I`m woven a lot like you.

I can parry myself only for so long. Then it`s time to grace and look around.
He`s a man they`ll have and hold up when he`s gone,
for the truth he`s planted in the ground.
Is he the boy version of the girl who wants him now to know...?

Lately now, I`m honest a lot like you.
Yes, it`s funny how I`v erealized I`m woven a lot like you.

Your child has got your eyes, and straight in the mirror
she stares at her father and wonders if he sees it too

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