Action Bronson – Light In The Addict Lyrics

Sittin’ first class, feelin’ like shit though1
Starin’ out the window with the mind of a schizo2
Thinkin’ if I jump, will I feel it when I hit the ground?3
Fuck that, I want the crown4 off anybody head
I wouldn’t care if everybody’s dead5
It’s why I keep the pump shotty layin’ in the bed6
Have a fuckin’ sleepover with my weapons7
My Rambo knife is eatin’ nuggets8 with my Smith & Wesson
Shit, I made this9 out of nothin’
Damn, these ladies love me out in London10
Laurenivici served the granulated onion
My mind is locked in a contaminated dungeon11
Dog,12 what the fuck is with your mother?
She got one leg longer than the other
One eye through the shutter13
Made the transition from weed14 to butter, like spring to summer15

I nearly lost my mind16
All a motherfucker got is time, time, time
Time, time
I nearly lost my brain17
Dealin’ with this motherfuckin’ pain, so bad
So bad, I’m so glad18


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