After Party lyrics

KOFFEE BROWN After Party Lyrics
And you don`t stop
Keep Keepin` on
Keepin` On
Keep Keepin` on
You don`t stop

Welcome to the after party

After the party
Let`s take a little time
And talk about it
What`s going through your mind?
It has me shaking
Ooh you look so right
I wanna ride
See I would be lyin` if I ain`t tell you
It made me wanna flip
And you can`t tell me
You ain`t feelin` that same shit
Girl it`s our chemistry
Like icing on a cake
I hope you stay
So we can do our thing
After the party

Don`t stop, you ain`t gotta stop
Don`t stop, if the music drops
Rock with me
Get on top, you can take it off
What`s it gonna be?
Don`t you want the after party

After the party
Let`s go somewhere and finish what we started
Cause right from the beginning
I was on it
I know you felt these thighs
You know I felt you rise
So why don`t we slide up off the dance floor
You and me
Cause I wanna know
Just how deep does your lovin` go
So tell your boys goodnight
Cause we`re gonna rock, after the party


Sweet baby come with me
Cause I wanna do you right
Don`t hold back baby
Where you at?
Cause I wanna get inside

Repeat CHORUS until fade

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Album: Mars/Venus