Ain T No Place For A Country Boy song lyrics

CHRIS LEDOUX Ain T No Place For A Country Boy Lyrics
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I pack my clothes in a cardboard box and mama packed my lunch
I walk down to the highway and caught a Trails Ways bus
I woke up in the city stepped down on the curb
And the strangest lookin` people and sounds I`ve never heard
It ain`t no place for a country boy it ain`t no place to be
It might be fine for a city boy but it ain`t no place for me

I keep my nineteen dollars stuck way down in my shoe
It cost me seven fifty for a dirty sleepin` room
My window faced the alley and the city smells were strong
I couldn`t sleep for horns and sirens blowin` all night long
It ain`t no place...

I didn`t even bother to unpack the clothes that I brought
Some man paid me ten dollars for grandpas pocket watch
I got off the Trails Ways bus the same place I got on
My head is full of memories walkin` down the road to home
It ain`t no place...

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