Alex Wiley – Vibration Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Okay, I been, I been high for way too long
I just came to show face, okay?
Ain’t trying to stay too long
I just do my own thing, okay?1
And hope it all work out
Trying to set the bullshit
Ablaze, and hope it all burn down
And niggas ain’t shit if they spitting2
They ain’t spitting it like I do
Nigga why you looking around I’m right by you
Act stupid enough they might sign you3
I’ve been killing shows from NY to the Bayou
And you can keep your fucking take on what I do4
It’s feelin’ super fucking fake when I smile
Never thought I’d envy a child
The way they so free, so honest, so wild

I’m just hoping your feeling the same
I’m just hoping you feel the boy
I just know that I spit it insane
I just know that I’m filling the void5
Weak niggas I’m finna destroy
I been gunnin’ shit up when I came6
Know we left as the end of the story
When it’s all said and done you seem like a rock
Cream always gon’ rise to the top
Little nigga we killing the noise7

Now I only put out good vibrations
I don’t even see the lows8
Tunnel vision to the paper
I don’t really need you hoes9
But if I like her energy
Then motherfuck a body count10
Authenticity I need
So please don’t change on my account

[Bridge 2]
I don’t think they understand
I’m my own man
I’m a grown man
You are not my homies11



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