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Oh, Alice, dear where have you been
So near, so far or in between
What have you heard what have you seen
Alice, Alice, please, Alice

Oh, tell us are you big or small
To try this one or try them all
It's such a long, long way to fall
Alice, Alice, oh, Alice

How can you know this way not that
You choose the door you choose the path
Perhaps you should be coming back
Another day, another day
And nothing is quite what is seems
You're dreaming are you dreaming, oh, Alice


(Oh, how will you find your way? Oh, how will you find your way)
(There's no time for tears today. There's no time for tears today)

So many doors, how did you choose
So much to gain so much to lose
So many things got in your way
No time today, no time today
Be careful not to lose your head
Just think of what the doormouse said Alice

Did someone pull you by the hand
How many miles to Wonderland
Please tell us so we'll understand
Alice, Alice, oh, Alice

Oh, how will you find your way
Oh, how will you find your way

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DANNY ELFMAN Lyrics for Alice's Theme