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THE STATLER BROTHERS All Girl All Gospel Quartet Lyrics
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Maybe the first time I saw them I was nine going on ten years old
I fell in love with their music and with the stories their music told
I had all of their long playing records and memorized songs I still can`t forget
My room was papered with pictures of the all-girl-all-gospel quartet
Flora was oldest and tallest she sang the high soprano
Alma played the piano and sang the sweetest alto
Bonnie Mae sang bass and sold records I bought every one I could get
And my favorite little Louise sang tenor in the all-girl-all-gospel quartet
And their harmony sounded like angels and I can still hear them yet
Alma and Flora Bonnie Mae and little Louise the all-girl-all-gospel quartet
[ piano ]
Somewhere just after my childhood I lost track and they lost some ground
Only in bargain store basements or flea markets could their records be found
I heard one lives in Akron Ohio one quit to take care of her dad
One`s on TV in Atlanta and the one they called Louise went bad
And their harmony sounded like angels...
[ piano ]
If any of the four of you hear me there`s a song I never could find
It`s the one where Alma played guitar and Bonnie Mae sang after time
And it`s sad now how no one remembers though I find them hard to forget
And you would if you`d ever heard them the all-girl-all-gospel quartet
Alma and Flora Bonnie and Louise the all-girl-all-gospel quartet
(In the sweet bye and bye)


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