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Every mornin` runnin` late

Your boss is trying not to hate

You find it hard to concentrate

Thinkin` `bout this good thing

I try my best to be your man

Use me girl if that`s your plan

In the end you`ll understand

Happiness is what I bring


Baby tell me who

Can someone do it better (oh yeah)

Tell me who

Whenever we`re together it`s like ooh (oh yeah)

You might start feelin` dizzy (oh yeah)

`Cause it`s all over now

I keep you in the mood

It`s easy girl `cause I know what to do (oh yeah)

When the phone is ringin` don`t disturb the grove (oh yeah)

You might start feelin` dizzy (oh yeah)

`Cause it`s all over now

For your touch

Inside I yearn

To love you more

I want to learn

Your body is my first concern

Only when I`m breathin`

I`ll get it `till I hit it right

When it comes to makin` love I`m nice

You won`t have to tell me twice

There`s no way that you`re leavin`


Ooh baby when the lights go down

I only wait to hear the sound of you

No holdin` back, let it out

That there`s no place you`d rather be right now

Ooh baby is ya feelin` good

Is it better than you thought it would

Are you comin` back I think you should

Over and over again


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