Alley Boy – Rifle Raising Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Come again
That is what I done
Definition of Fuck Shit 3
DJ Victoriouz
15 on the block shit
DJ Lil Keem
Everybody’s on my side it’s a homicide yellow duct tape
I’d been throwing with the young n*ggas
They rifle raising no pump fake
Duct tape with like a cartel
They got real shooters n*gga ass raped
Nine times out of ten I’ll put that pill stone n*gga and gonna tell
Chopper knocked they whole face off
It’s a rule around they gonna knock me
Fall hard no ball player for the first time
I’m gonna hit three
One three and two three
Double back and I took three

Rifle raising [x7]

[Verse 2:]
This gangster shit is no hip hop
Don’t keep slinging in my spot
Ask where I come from
Prison bars got eight lock
Hunned thousand in a shoe box
Thirty rounds in the new Glock
Rifle raise to our last day
We gonna blast that mother fucker
It’s an old block n*gga don’t stop
Hunned beads in the trunk
It’s a true block
I gotta put them away gotta put the one in the dash
N*gga that’s three Glocks
If we get off we getting out
If they pull up on us I’m gonna air them out
Talk to them with a short chopper
Watch how the shit pan out


[Verse 3:]
Mason where I come from
Where them young n*ggas don’t play hood
Hood bitch mouth of gold
She bootlegging
She sells pussy
At a boy been nationwide
This rifle raising ain’t meant to
East coast to the west coast
Let me tell you how I been getting to it
I’ve been rifle raising for days
Thinking about them old days in Mason
Sees the times the n*ggas crazy
Hunned bends on my arm going crazy
Gotta fella behind me rifle raising
Bitch is 19 guns blazing
Soon you’ll pull up your seats hanging out
All these n*ggas gonna be saying


I ain’t right for rifle raising man
East side is crazy man
East coast to west coast man
Get real money man
Rifle raising
Hood rich bitch
Definition of Fuck Shit 3
Everything I do epic


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