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KEVIN MAX Angel Without Wings Lyrics
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I wanna girl with a college head
Not some dizzy mind
I want somebody with some sentiment
You wanna waste my time

I wanna house in New Orleans
You wanna hitch a ride
So come on back when you can make some tea
And read Saint Augustine

I like the way you look outside
It`s not the secrets that you try to hide
I kind of like the way you talk so tough

Chorus* There`s only one road to go down
You gotta take it right out of town
She`s like an angel with no wings
And don`t you know she flies with strings attached

Who said romance is a chosen thing
Maybe it chose you
Who said there`s someone perfect waiting in the wings
Perfection isn`t you

It`s not the way you look outside
It`s not the boyfriend that you try to hide
I kind of like that way you stand so bold


Oh my Lord, you can kill me where I lay
And it`s alright that you sing no serenade
And it`s okay, baby, that you`re an angel without wings
And it`s alright, girl, that you`re flying with strings attached


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