Animal Collective – Summing the Wretch Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Watch it watch you watching wretch
Plugged into a people patch
Watch as bonds that illustrate
Also start to complicate

[Verse 2]
Catches in a net of type
Absence makes the sense go dark
All of the intended dart
None of the extended soul

[Chorus 1]
Getting screwed not much to do
When no one’s watching
No one’s looking
Can you see it

[Verse 3]
Feel a surge and make a steal
No one round to see the deed
Surge so strong it’s tough to tame
Urges lead with none to blame

[Verse 4]
Things go up that must come down
Those so down don’t want to drop
Every one so keen to glow
Bubble up from down below

[Chorus 2]
Wicked moves with none to lose
When no one’s looking
No one’s watching
Can you be it

Don’t get caught lost

Don’t get caught watching
Don’t get caught lost
Don’t get caught watching
Don’t get caught lost


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