Anytime Suave House Remixfeat Eightball lyrics

BRIAN McKNIGHT Anytime Suave House Remixfeat Eightball Lyrics
[Eightball (Brian)]
Yeah, yeah one time for your mind
Suave House style baby
(Ooh) Eightball the Fat Mack
Brian McKnight (ooh)
We doing it like this

I can`t remember why we fell apart
From something that was so meant to be, yeah
Forever was the promise in our hearts
Now, more and more I wonder where you are

[1] - Do I ever cross your mind anytime?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross your mind anytime?
I miss you

Still have your picture in a frame
Hear your footsteps down the hall
I swear I hear your voice driving me insane
How I wish that you would call to say

[Repeat 1]

I miss you
I miss you
(Oh, no more)
Loneliness and heartache
(No more)
Crying myself to sleep
(Oh no more)
Wondering about tomorrow
Won`t you come back to me?
Come back to me

Yeah, yeah
One-two check it out
Ooh baby I like the way you like to play with Big Ball
I`mma gonna cut my pager off
We don`t need no clothes at all
Fall in love choppin` it up
You know me and I know you
Once the conversation get through
Ain`t no secret what we gon do
Flippin` me and you in the S chiffon hay
Every day and if you was right here with me
It wouldn`t be hard to say
I think about what we used to have
And how we used to be
Honestly, tell me the truth
You don`t ever think about me

[Repeat 1 till end]

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