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[ VERSE 1 ]

I came all the way from Cuba just to babalu ya

On a raft to the river, from the river on to ya

Steppin like a prisoner who came por El Mariel

With a mission incomplete, cause I didn`t kill Fidel

I brought a conga drum and some Celia Cruz records

My mother had me dressed in high-water pants with checkers

Talkin `bout, "Oye ni?o, no te hagate porfiado"

"Grow up and make some records, so you don`t have to live quemado"

So now I`m that kid that brought the Spanglish lingo, baby

With a guayabera shirt and a hat that drove you crazy

Ladies tried to play me, so I had to play em back

And called em mentirosa, but I`m fly and attract

Now I`m a mega, ???, you see me on the pista

Talkin `bout Spanish Fly, my man, ???

And all my boys sit around and call me coy

They gave me the name of Babalu Bad Boy

(The Babalu Bad Boy) --> Grand Puba

[ VERSE 2 ]

If you don`t think that I can swing

Check out the way I do my thing

Yo, I move and shake and bake it

Cause that`s the way I make it

I never front a move and everything just come butt-naked

I lift it, uplift it, and shift it nifty

Change my flow with two words you don`t know

Like mentirosa, ma?ana otra cosa

And like I got your girlie hangin by the chocha

Hangin and we`re swingin it

I think she like the way I came this year

Oh what a cha cha, I mean what a muchacha

Dancin to my hip-hop like it was some salsa

But yo, this chumpie is comin sorta funky

And Mellow is your mellow that be swingin like a monkey

And the way I rhyme is makin sucker MC`s mad

Cause Mellow Man Ace is just Babalu bad

(The Babalu Bad Boy)

Take me to Cuba

Straight from Havana

[ VERSE 3 ]

Now you say I ain`t no bickey

But you`re always on my dickey

I tell ya, ??? so Ricky is sticky

The way I run my rhyme makes you think I hit the hooter

If Cypress got my back, well, that don`t mean I hit the buddah

I`m clever than ever and ever

For who shall ever stop this endeavour

To bring you bilingual lingo

Liked by Hispanics, blacks and all you gringos

Yo lo mezclo, I mix it, ??? and fix it

Serve it up right so that you wanna kick it

Spliff it like it was a joint

Yo, it`s the joint

Yeah, burned to the point

Get with it

If you can`t swing, just quit it

Forget it, now just let it

Flow, flow like Ricky Ricardo

Yo Muggs, do me the favor and kick in the bongo

Cause what`s a Cuban man without a little conga

A little salsa into my samba

A little mambo into my bongo

Boom-cacka-boom - that`s how they go

So Muggs, we quit, we`re outta here

I think I like the way I came this year

See, I`m the Babalu bad boy...









(The Babalu Bad Boy)

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