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UNCLE KRACKER Baby Don T Cry Lyrics
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Everything has a reason
At least that`s what they all say
And I`ve lost my count of the seasons
I don`t know what`s been makin` me stay

Many`s the times that you`ve hurt me
That`s just the way that you live
Many a time is forgotten
But I never said that I can forgive

So baby don`t cry, cry me a river
And baby don`t try to wash over me yeah
Baby don`t cry my ship is now sailin`
And I`ve wasted all my time in your sea
And I`ve wasted all my time in your sea

Now that your toys have been broken
I guess you want company
There is no point in you callin`
Cuz I`m headed for my own destiny

Now everyone has a problem yeah
Lord knows you`ve always been mine
The nights are always the hardest
But tonight some how I know I`ll be fine


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