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Yeah, I`m a Ghetto Superstar nigga
Most niggas trying to get one chick, right?
I`m trying to get two
You know, two is always better than one, right?

I`m trying to kill two birds with one stone
It`s 151`s prone, that have you and hun`s stoned
Trying the unknown
Doing things I know y`all parents wouldn`t con-done
It`s you, her and me; eyes too blurred to see
Speech too slurred to G
But you know `Young`n` would love ta
See ya upon each other, feeling on me while tongue`n each other
Wow! it`s a wonderful thing
To have a pretty female under each wing
The cake can prob`ly Pollie, both of these Bobby Darlies
That take off their Rockavalis?
My job is narly from getting slobbed on Harley`s
Getting smoke from the supplier, robbin` Marley
I hope this ain`t tooking wrong
But ma now I wanna see how both of y`all look in thongs

I got a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
I suggest it be best if we get by
Said a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
I suggest it be best if we get by

I`m willing to geese `em if they feeling a threesome
I`m pulling up in the GT before the dealers release them
I ain`t with the blazay blah
Cause I hold the record for the most Menage Trois and lama taje (?)
I got a bad chick on my left lap
Bad chick on my right lap
Do as I suggest, I confess
At my request they gon` get right
So when you see lipstick on both cheeks
That mean I slip dick in both freaks
They started calling me Two Time Johnny
After repeatedly leaving the club

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