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`Welcome ladies and gentleman,
this is Mark, o who gives a fuck, from 93 TV,
this is my co-host Bob Budafuco, Bob say hi,
(hey hey guys) yeah yeah yeah,
We gotta crowd that`s in a frenzy Bob,
let`s go down to the announcers for the start of the game,
and now, please rise for the singing of our national anthem..`
I said the fish don`t fry in the kitchen,
beans don`t burn on the grill, (that`s right!)
it took a whole lotta cheerin just ta get up that hill,
I said but now we`re up in the BIG LEAGUES!,
my dirty it`s our turn at bat, and just as long as we live it,
it`s lunatics playa, it aint nuthin` wrong with that..what...
Batter up!
I`m the first to swing, home run wit dat gimmie whatcha got thing,
hot wings, fuck a dub, smoke an ounce, show me love,
(swing batter batter, swing batter batter swing! batter up!)
I put my mack down, she threw a curveball, did ya all really smoke that herb y`all?,
It was a Nelly bowl, she did a drop of rock n` roll, first base,
(swing batter batter, swing batter batter swing! batter up!)

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