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You spoke the words and all the words came into order
You waved your hands and planets filled the empty skies
You placed the woman and the man inside the garden
And though they fell they found compassion in your eyes


Oh Lord I stand amazed at the wonder of your deeds
And yet a greater wonder brings me to my knees


Lord I praise you, Because of who you are
Not just for all the mighty things that you have done
Lord I worship you, because of who you are
You're all the reason that I need to voice my praise
Because of who you are

One holy night you brought the promise from a virgin
And promise grew as he revealed to us your heart
Enduring love displayed through out his Crucifixion
And in the dark, you tore the grave and death apart


[Chorus 2x]

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SANDI PATTI Lyrics for Because Of Who You Are