ROYCE DA 59 Beef Lyrics
[Royce Da 5`9`]
Ha ha ha ha ha, check out this bizarre mixture
5`9`, 6 July, and Asar hits`ll
leave the side of your car door with more
Smokin more holes than the Swiss cheese
Bitch please, I`m postponin yo` homie`s
older moments, like I stole his future
Hoes know me, I`m no phony
Females`ll tell you, `Yeah he cute, but he sho`ll shoot ya!`
My heart bleeds the blood of felonies
The blood of Superman, the blood that I`ve never seen
You seem like the shook type
You ain`t a thug so I wanna see what your brains and your blood look like
Fuck is you sick? `Pac should be pissed
Cause fifty percent of the niggaz suckin his dick is bitch!
I`m against all this name-callin shit
Negro please! Listen to Chris Wallace bitch

What`s beef? Beef is when these rappers be believin they rhymes
And a nigga like me just take it one day at a time
Beef is when you die because of your CD
When I come from your blindside, before you see ME
Beef is when I get jumped by niggaz
And come back to kill `em, one by one
Beef is the reaper, patiently pacin outside of your pretty house
Today, you figured out, WHAT`S BEEF

[Royce Da 5`9`]
Yeah.. gangsta, ain`t this?
Starvin artists that comes with the guns he paint with
All you sorry street rejects
Y`all about to go up in smoke, seats ejectin
(Boom!) Houses come down
Drastic murders is happenin, make a nigga momma mouth come down
[gasp!] The precinct`s heated - the cops is mad
because they know who shot yo` ass and they know who can beat it
Above the law, run up on y`all
so quickly and show you what only you and a slug saw
The silence is screwed in front of the .9 Ruger
Quietly shootin what`ll hu

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Album: Death Is Certain