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Check my bags off the plane today, a little too much fun on tour,
(A little too much fun on tour)
Lord please help me find my key, or I'm banging down my own door,

All the cheering and all the it blows, who could ask for more,
(Who could ask for more)
Now what am I in-find in a real ding witty when my bags finally hit the floor,
See I need some kind of lady that will feed me daily every time I come home she'll be waiting for me,
'Cuz I've been thinking lately that life alone is crazy, I wanna hold somebody when I sleep,

Ohhhhhh Who's gunna be the one to save me?
Cuz I never settle down, all I ever do is run around, this taking to long,

Ohohho love is all I need
(Love is all I need)
I've waited all my life
(I've waited all my life)
Love is all I need
(Love is all I need)
I've waited all my life
You got me on my best behaviour
Wohhohoohho wohhohoohho
Oh hurry up I'm in danger baby,
Eh eh wohhohoohho wohhohoohho
How long until you save me baby?

I just finished the tour today, Had my bags dropped to my door,
(Dropped to my door)
Walked up to an empty room, now I'm crying on my own floor,
All the bright lights and all the surprises, Tell me what they mean,
If I'm standing on the stage in front of so many people and I feel like it's just me

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N-Dubz Lyrics for Best Behaviour