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There ain`t nothing like black pussy on my dick
Word to the motherfuckin` DJ Quick
I`m playin` hos like dominoes
Slappin` bones
AMG`s on the motherfuckin` microphone
I`m saying `dick` bitch, nothin` more and nothin` less
You got a ****, ho and you can take the test
Bring big fat titties and lots of back
You got the woody and i got the axe
I`m no joke when I stroke for a client
Bitches need dick, so they find it
G with the high top pay
Open up your gauch bag, bitch, so I can get paid
Take off your g-string droors
Bitch, eat your Wheaties cause I don`t pause
What are ya laughing at, ain`t a damn thing funny
Bitch better have my money

i don`t charge by the inch I charge by the foot
Pick up mine, bitch, here take a look
100% USDA Grade A beef
Here`s my card, call me
You looked like ya ain`t been pumped in a while
Pick up the motherfuckin` phone and dial
And have your money in a big-ass stack
I`m singing this dick like a new jack

Bitch better have my money (repeat)

Choose the position pronto, you`re on the clock
You can suck the dickity-dick but I`m gonna charge you a nut
Bend your ass on over and touch your toes
Hold your breath cause I`m gonna hold my nose
This dick of mine ain`t friendly, baby.
Will it hurt you? Yhea maybe
Probably, because I`m 19 years old
I fuck hot pussy until it`s cold
I ain`t a prostitute, but i`ll knock the boots
Women love me and say I`m so cute
Girls wanna get with me, I tell ya
A big ol` bunch, and a smile and a get her
Pussy ain`t nothin` but a game to me
Pockets are fat cause I play them freaks
So when a ho wanna fuck to the throw of a teenage pimp
I wanna see that rip
so bitch better have my money

Motherfuckers out there can`t fade me
And bitches out there don`t phase me
I take it blow for blow, a ho is a ho
A bitch is a bitch is a bitch so
fuck all the rigamarole
I clap the dough when I slap the flow
She`s gonna do it to ya slow while i ya sing along ho
so bitch better have my money

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