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FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Black Night White Light Lyrics
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We are the leaders
And nothing can beat us
I feel so good
The angels can take you there
You better beware
Of devil may care

*Tell me where you want to go
We are the leaders
Heaven`s above and Hell`s below
We are the leaders
Oh sing hallelujah sing hallelujah
Giving it to you
We are the leaders

**Black night white light
The other side of midnight

The pleasure seekers
Are dyin` to meet you
They need young blood
The devil may take you there
You better take care
You`ve every ware


Chasing the dragon
Get up that dragon boy-yeah
Rub your body up
Work it up so good
Got to get on up
Going up show it off-yeah

**(Repeat twice)

We`re on a journey
Into the light it feels so good
Your mind can take you there
With what is the call
Of body and soul

Your body and soul


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