Blake Shelton – Mine Would Be You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
What’s your all-time high, your good as it gets?
Your hands down best ever make-up sex?
What’s your guilty pleasure, your old go to?
Well if you asked me, mine would be you

[Pre Chorus]
What’s your worst hangover, your best night yet?
Your 90 proof, your Marlboro Red?
The best damn thing you lucked into
That’s easy girl, mine would be you

Mine would be you
Sun keeps shining, back road flying
Singing like crazy fools
Making up our own words
Laughing ’til it hurts
Baby, if I had to choose
My best day ever
My finest hour, my wildest dream come true
Mine would be you

[Verse 2]
What’s your double dare, your go all in?
The craziest thing you ever did?
Plain as your name in this tattoo
Look on my arm, mine would be you


[Verse 3]
What’s the greatest chapter in your book?
Are there pages where it hurts to look?
What’s the one regret you can’t work through?
You got it baby, mine would be you
Yeah you got it baby, mine would be you

Mine would be you
Taillights fading
Daylight breaking
Standing there like a fool
When I should’ve been running
Yelling out something
To make you want to hold on to
The best love ever
Girl, can you tell me
The one thing you’d rather die than lose?
Cause mine would be you
Mine would be you, you


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