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2pac (tupac Shakur) 2pac Tupac Shakur Blasphemy Lyrics
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Are you asking yourself what are the lyrics to 2pac Tupac Shakur Blasphemy performed by 2pac (tupac Shakur)? Our 2pac Tupac Shakur Blasphemy lyrics have been rated for accuracy by our readers and received 9 out of 10 based on 76 ratings.
God has a plan and the Bible unfolds this wonderful plan through the
message of prophecy. God sent Jesus into this world to be our Savior
and that Christ is returning someday soon to unfold the wonderful plan
of eternity for my life and your life. As long as we are cooperating
with God by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior
unless the Lord does return in the next seven days, we`ll see you next
time, here on this week in Bible Prophecy.

Tupac don`t front that Blasphemy in here.(Makaveli) Remember what my
poppa told me, remember what my poppa told me.
My family tree consists of drug dealers, thugs, and killas, strugglin`,
known to hustle screamin` fuck they villans. Got advice from my father
all he told me was this, nigga get off your ass if you plan to be rich.
There`s 10 rules to the game and I`ll share with you 2. No nigga`s
gonna hate you for whatever you do. Now rule 1, get your cash on MOB,
that`s money over bitches cause they breath envy. Now rule 2 it`s a
hard one, watch for phonies, keep your enemies close nigga watch your
homies. It seemed a little unimportant, when he told me I smiled,
picture jewels being handed to an innocent child. I never knew in my
life time I`d live be these rules, inniated as an outlaw studying rules.
Now papa ain`t around so I gotta recall or come to grips with being
written on my enemies walls. Promise if I have a seed, I`m gonna guide him
right, dear Lord don`t let me die tonight. I got words for my comrades,
listen and learn, ain`t nothing free take back what you earned. Gettin`
high than a muthafucka, bless me please, this thug life be the death of
me, come on, and I remember what my papa told me, remember wha

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