Blu – City of Los(t) Ang(e)les Lyrics

[Intro: Blu]
City of dreams
Laying to women and smoke
See through the mist
Glitter and the gleam
Might see the glean and glow
Fancy cars, diamonds rings, nice restaurants
Finer things
Lost our souls, hopes and dreams in the city of angels

[Verse 1: Blu]
Now let me tell you guys a story bout a place I know
Where everybody and they mama see gold and wanna go
The hopes be on they TV
And bikinis and broads

And half of niggas say we rockin’ more glitter than broads
Figure it’s the city of dreams, but it ain’t real
It’s acting rap, it’s all after the same game
Filming what goes down
Just down the street, where they down 40 ounces
And smoke 40 pounds a week
Niggas, just like niggas from y’all parts
Except we got spots, we don’t shop at Walmart
Ballers even ball and sling at the ball park
And every hood is run by a black version of (?)
And all dark corners in Cali got a crackhead
That got sick of living of the county
And every in town
Tryna make a living here

I can find a nigga sick of living here

[Hook: Blu (x2)]
Fancy cars, diamonds rings, nice restaurants
And those finer things
(We) Lost our souls, our hopes and dreams
With the city of angels that sold their wings

[Verse 2: Blu]
And you can catch me dippin’ through the ghetto
Like a devil on scapes
In my delta 808
Old yellow on the plates
With the pedal to the metal, blowing hay
Through the mace to my level of the treble, tell ’em
Hell’s hot as the spots they pedal weight
Where the felons smell the jakes on the block a mile away
Come out to play, you know I would to say
Cause they sling heavy metal with they metal by they waist
LA, LA it’s not a place to praise
Yet there’s still not a place in the States I rather stay
Was born, raised, moved out and came back
Same shame
Still I can’t blame the game for the crack
We just paint Lac’s, bang pockets
Bust raps, bust caps
Bust that and bust back, simple as that
Simple as that, pen pushes the max
Innocent hood rats, broke ass laddies and blacks
But that’s Los Angeles…

[Hook: Blu (x2)]
Fancy cars, diamonds rings, nice restaurants
And those finer things
(We) Lost our souls, our hopes and dreams
With the city of angels that sold their wings

[Verse 3: Blu]
Damn, it’s been a minute since Pac made a song
About the golden state
Since them days, we done dropped low in ranks
Cause ain’t shit popping with rap
We rather fill up banks and tryna act like fill up banks
Them fools from outta town get the rap loop
And if they need that West coast flavor, they just ask Snoop
What happened to the Niggas Wit attitudes
Throwing up dubs and stomping out wack crews
Y’all got wack fools slinging game space
That made Terminator the governor of this lame state
The same place they be the king with bars
Is the same place they decorate the trees for stars
And you start to wonder why there ain’t nothing in the sky
Cause the cops got it hotter than the month of July
And even tho I hate on CA I can’t lie, I’ll probably never leave
Sunshine and palm trees and the…

[Hook: Blu (x2)]

[Verse 4: Co$$]
Check, I’m Westernplayalistic
My west weigh a (?)
I pen descriptions (?)
Even for the gangsta women
Knock with they bullets
It’s like a badge of honor
(?) half my
No respect, slap your mouth
A lot of gangsters
Moving and a lot of gangsters rolling O’s
Best to armor, best to west
And I’m fresh to death
In my gangsta (?)
Ain’t no gangsta never claim to be a G
You be a G, OG, I be a OG ok
For my niggas slinging 808

Niggas bout to touch down and release dates
Release dates and stay away
Hope you can stay away
Trap like a paper weight
Hold them down, roll ’em downtown
Past the station
Where the black pimps gather and
Me and niggas tryna be free
Raise a black fist to the pale face
In this racist time, I gotta escape
Can’t wait for the blame
I gotta race in a race of time
I’m reppin’ LA, West-side
I get it on, get it gone, get it up
Till the day I die


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