Blu – Piece Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ay, blaze if ya got some
Why everybody tryna get a pinch of this problem
Huh, where I’m from police keep a piece
You would think that they was try to keep peace
But we not dumb
Dodging drama on the West, I got them worked
Batman and Robin
Saw black man robbin’
Black, black gat shot ’em
If not, cops locked ’em
Told po’s I ain’t work around the clock, stop watching
I’m John bronzin’, the bronze Johnson
Lebron James game when the fines posture
Collar poppin’ a Lacoste shirt
Copped that at PI swap meet
And rock like I didn’t cause dirt
Cheap shopper, yet
The chief rocka, every time I chief I’m off cheap vodka
I speak awkward, yet I still be among the top speakers
That be beating at our Cadillacs
That’s sub contact
Tell the chicks that John’s back
Whatever forces, bitch you won’t be able to stop that
So stop that, the bob cat and a top hat
With 37 choices, better learn how to pop back, biatch!

You never catch me in the world full of (po’s!)
Find me on the streets, rockin’ peace on the beat tho
Speaking to my niggas who ain’t ever liked the (po’s!)
Fuck police, there’s no peace on the globe
Put your fist up, middle finger lifted to the (po’s!)
Tryna pinch us, fuck you niggas since (?)
Cold cells in my heart for the (po’s!)
Ain’t nobody want your help, can’t you tell by the crawl

[Verse 2]
I know that y’all hatin’, but nobody don’t really need to
Nobody want to play but our tax dollars equal
Back on the back, tryna badmouth our people
But it’s black power speaking now, back outta reach
Reach us, lead us, we need
Leaders here to lead us, but they shoot us down like
Knock us down like hockey pucks
Tryna stop me, but the god in me got me up
And dust me off, trust me
They make laws and make y’all pay, pal
Niggas must think I’m a straight clown
(?) With a trey pound
Got my phone tapped so heavy, I can’t dial
And I’m tryna hit the homie up, he just came out
Like ay, slide through, I got a beat we gotta bang out
Bout to swine, bout to blow our brains out
Say it loud, look
There ain’t no justice, just us
Black, proud loud mutha
Buck rounds at the…



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