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Broken dreams I'll follow mine
To the end of my borrowed time
I've been walking down this road too long
Got my bags packed and I hit the door
Then I make a stop at the liquor store
Cause my will is weak but my whiskey is strong

Through the fights, drama, and heartbreak yeah the winter is cold
I put my faith in the forgiveness every sinner is owed
Flashback when we was teens just beginnin the road
'fore the lights, camera, and action and the glitterin gold
'fore the 'caine spots, before the overdoses and aimed Glocks
'fore my name popped, before the Navigator raindrops
Before I started back with the bad habits I can't stop
I said I'd keep goin, told you I can't stop
And that's what made me who I am, but it did us in
You can never see through the clouds my head is in
I was sick and got addicted to my medicine
I was a prick, I kept on kickin 'til they let us in
And once they let me in the door, it was war
with the world I was sure couldn't go back to before
Ever since we were kids they said we shouldn't mix
And at the end we broke somethin that we couldn't fix

[Chorus] + "And it all just slips away"

I'm a man among boys that avoid they own truths
Always down to hang out, afraid of they own noose
No phone booth, can't change an ugly face
Tough stand tall then we duck when we gotta chase
Making up excuses, but it's all useless
When I blame you for the damage that my youth did
Throwin up the deuces, easier to run away
Knowingthat the rain's always followed by a sunny day
But a vacay is just a break from reality
Chasing a fallacy, back then you're mad at me
Casually, actin like we don't see the elephant
in the room but our friends all see the hell we been through
And we know a truce is irrelevant
Rip my heart out of my body, there's still a skeleton
My skull and bones, represent a throne
I'ma stand strong when I move on, holla at me

[Chorus] + "And it all just slips away"

I used to have nothin at all, but my word and my balls
It's the same thing that took me from nothin dog
All around the globe 'til they asked what the fuck is wrong
What's wrong is everything is real in these fuckin songs
Sometimes I wish it was an image to hop out of
and back into, maybe a gimmick to rock crowds with
But it's all the truth and it's somethin I'm not proud of
Everything I've done but I can't just opt out of
The pain I have caused the 'caine the chopped powder
The blame belongs to me this game is not ours though
Maybe from the dirt then the flowers grow
Up amongst the weeds, since a youngster greed
Agreed with every need that I need and so the speed
will eventually just not be fast enough for me
It's kind of crazy, once upon a time I was just my momma's baby
Look at how this ice cold winter winter made me
Winter winter gave me, icy cold demeanor, slightly frozen meaner
Wifey throws me out, I love her, I need her
What else can I do except go drink another liter?
I'm not a follower, I always been a leader
I wish I had some inspirational speech to read you
But I don't, I'm just a failure
Worshipped like I'm Jesus by some but look at this cross I'm nailed to

[Chorus] + "And it all just slips away"

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