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[Verse 1]
This here is on some truthful shit
It seems like everything I do you are use to it!
And I hate hearing stories about who you've been with
Thats when I gotta hide what I'm feeling inside
So you still think I'm confident and dumb
Is this gonna last?
Your up on a pedestal
Are we moving too fast?
Feels Like I'm in crazy competition with the past
That's why I gotta ask

Is anything I'm doin' brand new?
Brand new [5x]
Is anything I'm doin' brand new?
Brand new [5x]
(Aye Aye Aye)

[Verse 2]
This here is something personal
I highly doubt this feeling is reversible
Knowledge is pain and that is why it hurts to know
That you atempt to hide and put mistakes aside
So I don't ever question you were dumb
I can't even find the perfect brush
So i can paint what's going through my mind
Racing against myself but I'm a couple steps behind
That's why I gotta ask


[Verse 3]
Is anything I'm doing Brand New?
New [5x]
Is everything I'm doing too late?
Late [3x]
Did he take your clothes off just like this?
Did he give you loving just like this?
Did you spend the night in his bed on the very first date?
Tell me baby, am I too late?

[Fading w/ ad libs by Drake]

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