Bruno Mars – Young Girls Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I spend all my money on a big, old fancy car
For these bright-eyed honeys
Oh yeah, you know who you are 1
Keep me up ’til the sun is high
Til’ the birds stop calling my name
I’m addicted and I don’t know why
Guess I’ve always been this way 2

All these roads steer me wrong
But I still drive them all night long
All night long 3

All you young, wild girls
You make a mess of me
Yeah you young, wild girls
You’ll be the death of me
The death of me
All you young, wild girls
No matter what you do
Yeah you young, wild girls
I’ll always come back to you
Come back to you 4

[Verse 2]
I get lost under these lights
I get lost in the words I say 5
Start believing my own lies
Like everything will be okay 6
Oh I still dream of a simple life
Boy meets girl, makes girl his wife
But love don’t exist when you live like this
That much I know, yes I know 7

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

You, you, you, you
Yeah you you you
You you you you 8



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