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DUNCAN BRYAN Bryan Duncan I Love You With My Life Lyrics
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I would like to say,
Just before I leave you,
Ill be back someday,
And with me I will take you
So do not be afraid,
Only watch and pray,
And wait for my return.

Ive done what I must do,
My work here is completed,
Its all been done for you,
Believe what I have stated,
And I will give you peace
Through all your tribulations,
Until I come again.

Please now that I love you,
Ill stay by your side.
If only now in spirit,
Ill still be your guide.
You will not suffer long,
For I have suffered for you,
I love you with my life.

Ill prepare a place
Where we can live together,
Ill meet you face to face,
To share our new forever.
Dont let your love grow cold,
And I will not allow
Whats more than you can bear.

Love you with my life.

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