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If I had another penny
I would have another Jill
I would make the piper play
The bonny lass of Byker Hill

Byker Hill and Walker Shore
Collier lads for ever more (2x)

The pitman and the keelman trim
They drink bumble made from gin
Then to dance they do begin
To the tune of Elsie Marley

When first I went down to the dirt
I had no cow nor no pitshirt
Now I`ve gotten two or three
Walker Pit`s done well by me
Geordie Charlton, he had a pig
He hit it with a shovel and it danced a jig
All the way to Walker Shore
To the tune of Elsie Marley

Collected by S. Paton
Recorded by Carthy - Bonny Black Hare, Young Trad. - Sampler
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