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KILLAH PRIEST C U When I Get There Lyrics
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feat. Ty-N
[Intro: Killah Priest (Ty-N)]
Uh, yeah, uh uh, uh uh, yo (uhhhh uhhhhhhhh uhhhhh)
Uh uh, I miss you (Miss you)
To Marcus, uh uh, Kev (Won`t forget you)
Y`know I`m sayin
I C U When I Get There

[Killah Priest]
We came a long way from duckin strays
My niggas laid in the alley ways
Funerals were made, by the beauties sprayed
But now I`m different, somethin new today
I`m seein bright tunnels, bein My Life, crumbled before
Now I`m restored I wanna see more
Wanna explore, standin by the ocean shore
It looks life heaven just opened it`s doors, shinin on me
I`m like a diamond homey (yeah), yo...
So many eulogies we heard, usually leads to the urb`
Ease the nerve, but I believe in readin the word
Takin head from the man that`s feedin the birds
The broaden my horizon, it`s hard survivin
I`m job replyin, I keep strivin, I keep tryin
I`m tryin to turn defeat to Triumph
There`s no place in this jungle for weak lions
Politicians and preachers, they keep lyin
The streets supplyin, how many times do I have to heat the iron?
Every night there`s a gunfight
Fuck misery, I wanna see sunlight
I wanna know at the end that my son`s all right
Yo, and to all my fallen soldiers, that`s no longer here
I C U When I Get There
I reminisce on the R. Kelly I Wish
Yo, right now I`m writin the remix
Y`all heard the stories of the miseries
Rivals between enemies, there`s no love or no sympathy
Y`all heard the stories of the stress, death through debts
Project sex and welfare cheques, with Tecs
Automatics, y`all saw the graphics
Well, I know y`all had enough of that shit
I wanna see thrones, I want a land of my own

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