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* part 2 of a 3 part song - starting at 2:13

[Tyler, the Creator]
All I needed was a stick
Grab the marshmallows motherfuckers gettin lynched and burned
I earned it, my Flog Gnaw badge is lookin good on this brand new jacket
The donuts on the flag wavin over the cabin
Now grab them graham crackers, and pass them over here
Hurry, quickly! I need a piece of Hersheys
Darker than the corners of the bushes we be lurking
I - centered the mellow over the graham
Heated it too long now it's melting over my hand
Fuck it, I'll bite it, I burnt it, but I liked it
Camping with my niggaz it's - so fuckin exciting

[unnamed children singing]
We're making smores, by the campfiiiiire
Camp Flog Gnaw, golf wang summmmmmer

[Laetitia Sadier]
Sat by the fire
To witness gentle, the tragical
Transformations, cease to be mindless
Create your sweetness
and the wave float onnnn

[Tyler, the Creator]
Yo bring the bass back in
Yeah, hehe
Who ate all the fuckin chocolate?
Oh that's Domo's fat ass, haha
I ain't tryin to go home, really

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Tyler, The Creator Lyrics for Campfire