Canibus – House Of Slaughter Lyrics

[Intro: Canibus]

The Horsemen
The House of Slaughter

[Verse 1: Canibus]

I will ooze lyrical exactitude from the bitch’s boobs
To prove good things comes in twos
I refuse to lose I lost and paid more dues
So 9 times outta 10, I’m in a confused mood
Niggas listen to my shit
But what is the dynamics of the relationsihp
Why don’t niggas listen like this
I’m a show you something outta this world
Word is bond
Watch Shaka Zulu put his cock in Chaka Khan
Stressful thoughts, my heart wants to take me to court
So many scars all over the God
Nobody move nobody nod
Nobody got ya’ll, nobody at all
Your body is a casualty of war
Above the fangs and the horns
That’s where the halo is worn
I was just informed that Slaughterhouse joined
Fuck it, real kings recognize real kings
Get busy is my thing I don’t care about the ring
I’m 1/4 Horsemen my horse draws flying saucers
Before your time I rode Pegasus’ mama
The horses talk about slaughter
Double shot dose of karma
I rock bare chest, they wear armor
Will we strike at dawn, Father
I’ll meet ya back at the altar
Before the daylight wanders
And the crescent moon changes my conduct
How long you been gone Bus
I come back covered in Dog blood
Fall back Slaughter rap
Fire crossbow on horseback
Complete the whole course and all that
Follow dog paw prints in the snow
To your doormat
Find where the prince keeps the hawk at
Carrier ship whale guns impale you bums
Crush crystal to crumbs
With nails that way tons and feels like a blunt sponge
Crystal meth aluminum lungs
Still spittin with a tumor for a tongue
The fat lady sings, the fan man silences the slut
The horse gallops to the rhythm of the drum
Come through like yeah
Horses in armor everybody scared
You had lots of chances, not one was fair
The sound of compressed air in your ears is here
The same hemisphere is clear
The Horsemen are here
The supper came all the way from sweden
That’s a long way to go for something to get eaten
Make sure you’re decent
PRepare food bring the beast in
Bring him over here I wanna see everything
Lights start to dim, go to auxiliary power
Somebody get over here and talk to him
Where Buddhas and Judas come to slit my throat
I bleed all over their hands and still spit what I wrote
The irreversible plague the scourge of a soon coming age
You are wise not to number your days
The irreversible plague you know my name
The House of Slaughter and the Horsemen on top of the game


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