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JOHNNY CASH Cash Johnny It S All Over Lyrics
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Writer: Johnny Cash

I was on my way to you and I was worried

I was all torn up and nervous

`Cause I knew that you`d be gone

I knocked and crossed my fingers while I waited

And I couldn`t hide the teardrops

When I walked away a- lone.


It`s All Over, It`s All Over

My heart echo- es [It`s All Over]

Ev`ry minute that you cry for her

Is wasted don`t you know

It`s All Over, It`s All Over

So forget her [It`s All Over]

Stop your cryin`

Turn around and let her go.

I was runnin` `round in circles like a baby

I was in a daze because

I loved you so, I couldn`t see

I was broken in a million little pieces

When I saw enough to realize

You didnt care for me.


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