Chief Keef – 24 Lyrics

[Intro: Chief Keef]
All hail Almighty So1
Almighty So
Bang bang

They like all hail Almighty So
These bitches love me these niggas, they dont like me though
Im spending money, get it back most likely though
Im riding Raris Fast as fuck, fuck Akio
Just bought a pint, poured sizzup in a 24
Just bought a Beamer, I’mma sit it on some 24’s
Swish, Kobe Bryant, 24
For a verse, I did 20 out of 24

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
What I’m ridin’ in, it costs 124
Just bougt a Gucci bag that cost me 24
I just bought six pints that cost me 24
And imma take your with my Glock 24
I smoke 93 but you smoke 24
My lawyer beat the case, it cost bout 24
Gotta take down my connect cause he want 24
He payed one for 16 but he want 24
Can’t show you no 16 if you ain’t 24
And when I was 16 my hoes was 24
My wrist cost 33, but I spent 24
My clip holds 33, but I shot 24
I get 24 hours of sleep then I get 24
My niggas gonna ride with me and that’s on 24


[Verse 2]


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