Chris Brown – Loyal Lyrics

(Haha, you thought it was over? Let me see) 1

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I wasn’t born last night
I know this hoes ain’t right 2
But you was blowing up her phone last night
But she ain’t have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh 3
Nigga, that’s that nerve
Why give a bitch your heart
When she rather have a purse? 4
Why give a bitch your inch
When she rather have nine? 5
You know how the game goes
She be mine by half time, I’m the shit, oh 6
Nigga, that’s that nerve 7
You all about her, and she all about hers 8
Birdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingos
And I done did everything but trust these hoes 9
(CB fuck with me!) 10

[Hook: Chris Brown]
When a rich nigga want you
And your nigga can’t do nothing for ya
These hoes ain’t loyal
These hoes ain’t loyal
Yeah, yeah, let me see 11

[Bridge: Chris Brown]
Just got rich
Took a broke nigga’s bitch
I can make a broke bitch rich
But I don’t fuck with broke bitches 12

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Got a white girl with some fake titties
I took her to the bay with me 13
Eyes closed smoking marijuana
Rolling up the Bob Marley I’m a Rasta 14
She wanna do drugs (drugs) smoke weed, get drunk (wasted)
She wanna see a nigga trapped
She wanna fuck all the rappers (uh-huh) 15


[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
Black girl with a big booty
If she a bad bitch, let’s get to it, right away 16
We up in this club
Bring me the bottles
I know girl, that you came in this bitch with your man 17
That’s a no-no girl
All this money in the air
I wanna see you dance 18



[Verse 4: French Montana]
HAH! Once Cirocs in the system
Ain’t no telling will I fuck them, will I diss them 19
That’s what they be yelling, I’m a pimp by blood
Not relation, I don’t chase em, I replace em (HAH!) 20
LVs, Hermes, Dolces
Them hoes, ain’t loyal, man, they rotate 21
School me to the game, now I know my duty 22
Put her in the Lotus
She was riding in that Hootie (WHOOP!) 23
Fuck that bitch
I got my own ho
Fuck your weed
I got my own smoke 24
Had to put my mink back on
Tell that bitch, put her ring back on
Montana 25

[Verse 5: Chris Brown]
Come on, come on, girl
Why you frontin’?
Baby show me something
When I call her, she gon’ leave 26
And I bet that bottom dollar she gon’ cheat
Come on, come on, girl
Why you frontin’? 27
Baby show me something
You just spent your ring on her
And it’s all for nothing (yeah, yeah, yeah) 28



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