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UNKNOWN Christ Child Lullaby Lyrics
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My love, my pride, my treasure oh
My wonder new and pleasure oh
My son, my beauty, ever You
Who am I to bear You here?

The cause of talk and tale am I
The cause of greatest fame am I
The cause of proudest care on high
To have for mine, the King of all

And though You are the King of all
They sent You to the manger stall
Where at Your feet they all shall fall
And glorify my child, the King

There shone a star above three kings
To guide them to the King of kings
They held You in their humble arms
And knelt before You until dawn

They gave You myrrh and gave You gold
Drank incense and gifts untold
They traveled far these gifts to bring
And glorify their new born King

Isla Cameron learned this from Mrs. Nicholson, a traditional
Irish singer. Translated from the Gaelic by Seamus Ennis. Sung
by Judy Collins

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