Coco – Big N Serious Lyrics

Big big big and serious
Big big big and serious
Big and serious
People know that I’m big and serious
Big and serious
Big big big and serious
People know I’m big and serious
Big big big big and serious

[Verse 1]
Young and hungry
Ready and dangerous
Running with a style that is raw contagious
Twenty fifteenth yeah I made some changes
Now supporters are telling me that I’m going to be famous Family is way too flipping outrage
Cuz I rate the buggers that are ripping out pages
Went from hoping and dreaming for ages to crowd control in a wicked man stages
UK ting no it ain’t las Vegas
Steel cities on it now I’m showing you about the stainless
I used to only want creps and trainers But then I got a house that was oh so spacious
I’m still about and I’m still so gracious
You need tips like a waitress
Yeah I’m still about and I still go places
Still don’t watch no faces
You know why


[Verse 2]
Listen more greeze
Mic check one two like four threes
I don’t care about your life nor his and on top of that man are dead MCs
Do something silly you will see my Gs and a lot of black cars like Addison Lees
Ever since coco learnt how to speak it’s been a walk in the park with a very nice breeze what
Switch it up a gear get a little darker
Trigga my nigga he had to burry that one harder
Everyone’s hard but now they’re effing with the father
So give a rest and go and get a glass of water
Top boy but you never MC’d like one
Fire in the booth ever since I got inside one
By all means you can send man beats but I’m only spitting on it ifs right don waddis


[Verse 3]

Nah rude boy don’t lie in your bio
Can’t stop now man are Cruz like Taio
Could have sober could have been high oh
I might have been getting buss up in X O Y O
Came down south and I told man giro
But on paper I kind looks like gi’or
Man wanna run up their mouth online then get left in a state like Ohio
You’re saying a lot and You’re doing the most
I don’t wanna have to start slewing a ghost
I’m looking forward to my PRS cheque in the post
I’ll get a couples bottles and then I’m gonna raise a toast
Hard for me not to really boast when I be rallying around on this crazy course
I’m active I’m not lazy bro
That’s why I’m getting mine of course
You know I’m



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