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Meek Mill Come Up Show Freestyle Lyrics
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look hey, look, 50 bottles of sirroc let's get the party started
i pull up in the spaceship they thinking i'm a martian
i'm black and yellow so tell them to be cautious
in this all black phantom it's .. out
maybach spitter, wobble dreams
all the drivers and the truckers make their ride
can really speak about it, we did a lot of things
cause we be breaking bricks, it's the karate team
all black louie belts niggers diamonds yey
up bombs away
cause i be dropping itch, you just be probably itch
don't even write it, but i'm nicer than a
5 bad skills like donovan
take him to the telly with o'mally and demolish him
bitch and my money promising
step up in the game

what? i wonder how i feel to be hating on this bitter like me?
cause every day i shine hard, my mother i see, hah
what? we in the let's get it, ah
cooler spitter on your, hold up, here we go
checking, checking

cooler spitter on your stereo, i don't think they hear me though
catch me in the hood i be around it like a miracle
used to sell them i ain't talking cherio
i'm talking about them gold grams and i don't need no cereal
murder on your record label homie i'm a serial
killer plus i'm realer, this is realer than the
with shawty she's vanilla i make them butterflies like caterpillars
and my flow be on some other shit
harder than a double gear, i just got his girl's number
he gonna need another chick
make a part my other chick then put on a punishment
she said she's a man she don't know my government

shawty tripping where your luggage at
broke suckers never see me cause i'm where the money at
all i know some hoe like i got a hundred pack
homie get my jewels i'ma kill them all want them back
went to your funeral each time while they
mama wear she like what the hell they di to you?
make me put a fuel in you
homie, i will ruin you, i'm talking about ruin you

look, i said when i was there broke, i used to have a dream
before i had a dream, best believe i had them fiends
that he trying to get it any mean
homie in the kitchen working out a triple bean
breaking off a birdie, money it was dirty
and hammers they was filthy cause suckers was trying to kill me
and that's work till the summer though,
papa chicken homies that ain't this way
they don't want no drama noh
rolly your bus down, call the perfect timing yo
tell my jeweler freeze me, just to claim the hoe
bottom of the mountain and meek mill got the climbing oh,
bottom of the mountain i got the climbing

my chick your chick, your chick my sick, my swag flyish
your swag, hold up, i say, yeah, i say

your chick my chick, my chick your chick, my swag flyish
your swag, homie you're a weirdo
no match forfeit, i'm thinking we're gonna need a
down nigger with me you know
old school chick i let her broke me like nintendo
black panamera lanes in that thing, papa say window
i got 20 in my pocket, 30 on my wrist, 50 on my neck, keep it a 100
we don't do no talking, i' m just running up in your ish
and i was never in a walking, i'm just running up in your chick
said my money on a swagger in a limit
will spitter start until the finish
barking up all in it
i make a dollar every second, a thousand every hour
28 day i'm getting money and the power
i was told never let the youngest get the powder
but now these suckers slipping like they fucking in the shower
powers, i really do this, i'm 62 over i' ma boss
i took a loss but i bounce back, and i spit it roar
more money, at my party, we spending more money
we don't make it rain, we pour money, flooded presidential
let's break them all money, that's that, more money
we don't make it rain, we pour money

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