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BRIAN McKNIGHT Coming Back Home Lyrics
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Took some time to come around
Realize how I let you down
Been to late for sorry now
My pride got in the way
Yes it did

I thought I had it all figured out
I needed time away to work it out
And now that I`ve learned what it`s all about
And all I need is you in my life

So I`m coming back home
Home, where love is waiting for me
Been gone much too long
This is where I want to be
So I`m coming home
Coming home
Cuz home is where I belong

Somehow I lost my way
Mistakes I made I have to pay
It hurts to know still today
That I wasted so much time

And after all is said and done
There`s more to life than having fun
Ain`t no doubt, you`re the one
And all I need is you in my life


Just to be in your arms is like heaven to me
Your love, your love is all that I need
So I`m coming back home
And I hope you forgive all my wrong
So I`m coming home, coming home
Cuz home is where I belong


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