Common – Speak My Piece Lyrics

[Hook – (x3):]
I just, speak my piece, keep my peace1
Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps
Packing,2 my piece,3 Jesus
Packing, my piece, Jesus

I’m iller4 than most, sick with it, feeling the dose
In a butter soft leather but I’m still with the toast
Toast to bros,5 you know the millions6 is close
Feel the ghost of Notorious,7 tell me who the naughtiest8
She get live like an audience9
I do what I do, no need to state the obvious
Poli’ with girls with bodies, uh
Poli’ in hotel lobbies10
Light a J,11 it’s just me and Marley,12 look at the poster
Do what I supposed to for the culture
Early b-boy, down with d-boys, build and destroy13
My pride and joy is my daughter named Omoy
‘Ye, that’s my nigga from back in the day14
All that whoop-de-wah-whoop, man fuck what they say
Played the lotto for my gram with a bottle in hand15
Lay it down for the world, for Chicago I stand,16 and

[Hook x2]

Yeah, yeah, they like that, I write raps from on top of the world
Popular girls always wanna pop in my world17
I pop out in the boroughs and go to L.A. to get hay18
In the middle of the barn with a princess I laid19
Yo, this type of shit happens every um, once in a while
You know I won’t front with the style
Bring life to the party like a woman and child
From the land of the humble and proud, summers is wild20
Ah! Made the unmade-able
Ah! Go to parties I’m paid to go21
Me and cuzzo talked the hustle22
About doing good business like Rick and Russell
You I know I guzzle red wine till it’s bed time23
On my paper like headlines, she want the head shine24 e’ry time
My time, the streets is watching like a Rollie
Do it for the hometown and the homies, uh25

[Hook x10]


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