Complex – Complex City Cypher Lyrics

[Part I: Wiki]
Yeah, it’s Wik’
People say that they want me, tell me that they could sell me
I ain’t a product, I produce honest
[?] wise-guy talk in ebonics
[?] of chronic
To get me to the level where I only settle for the rawest
It’s the flaws that makes it flawless
[?] recording
[?] whether brawling or warring
I’m just a [?] with bars, not the type that you swallow
The type I spit till I’m hollow, oh I’m hollow
I’m a [?]
Put it in perspective, bro, it’s right upon us
That’s how I always saw it
So even if it’s just a couple bucks coming out my wallet
Oh we balling
From the day we started, till the day we call it
Call it what you call it
Nah, I’m not no artist but I do raw serve some broad who’s gorgeous
If you fuck with it, fuck with it till it’s boring
We’ll be touring
Coming back for more and more and, coming back for more
[?] I visit my mom
Forty-second [?] by the dogs
Dog, I ain’t never had no keys, [?] car
Do it right, do it wrong
I remember [?]
First it was orange then it was green
Now they all gone
Now we all beige[?]
First time I kiss on the train
First time I got lit on the train
First time [?] on the train
You don’t know what it is on the train
You don’t know what I did on the train
I fell in love on the train
I been through hell on the train, don’t tell me a thing
Let me maintain, let me maintain
I know I’ll be well on the train

[Part II: Your Old Droog]
Check, check, wild D listen
Yo I got mad riches, groupies been on my tip
Bad bitches scoop me in their fly whips
Brawlers bumping Christopher Wallace
Breeze off on them collars and officer Morales like, “Catch me if you can”
Only ones who sketch me now are fans
Morale is high, I’m the man
Where everybody act like they your man and dislike you
Simply cause you don’t go along with their plans, do what you got to
We sipping horchata at the Borgata
[?] expand their bandwith
To get the man a myth and a fresh pair of Stan Smiths
And I don’t know about no [?]
I use a word like apropos and still [?] tea bags
Out of backstages at rappers’ shows, take it for granted
I take a bag and fill it up with free water
That seventy-five cent [?] three quarter [?]
Should’ve got something shorter, exceptional rhyme order
Spit the shit you wish you would’ve thought of
This that heat, producers think I need ’em
Replace ’em tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss a beat
The generation X [?] Timbs to your Gucci hat, kick the bucket
And I ain’t even meet Wyclef yet
Knew I was hot but when I got my first death threat
Told [?] to come see, hit him with the address
Never worry ’bout no bad breath, talk about me
[?] a pylon, cause now they gotta pile on
The kid who played finger style, [?] made of nylon
Coming with hot lines for you to get your dial on
Always hear Old Droog spitting that [?]
[?] what the hell is [?]
Probably [?]
Section 8 [?]
Sneaking out at night and getting busy with the [?]
Lookin’ for someone to wild on
While on drugs, my white bitch keeps gats in her Uggs
[?] xanax
Chop off someone’s hand with an ax, facts
Now I’m only concerned with [?]
[?] out of Kinko’s with chains
The competition are fiends, all they do is codeine and wear [?] jeans
Stone cold [?]
[?] zinc, protein, can’t see me, Cen’
YOD spotted like a coyote
With your wife’s pussy juices on my goatee
Grody [?] with a spoon, acne wasn’t even noon
And she have baggies in her [?], who is she?
She’s a valley girl, [?] throwing me the alley curl
[?] then slam it
My finishes at the rim run the gambit
Like when’s he gonna stop? God damnit
Writing is like Shakespeare
Of Shakespeare, this my Hamlet
Feel me, top five, I’m on fire

[Part III: A$AP Ferg]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Beautiful people let’s take a second to think
We continue these issues, the ship is drowning, we sink
This is nothing political, this is [?]
Sit together forever, we can weather the rain
We can weather the storm, let’s try to move on
Build a better community so our children [?]
Transform from arms and bombs like Vietnam
Teach your kid how to eat, teach your kid how to farm
Watch what you put in your body so we could live it long
Mind, body, and soul intact, my niggas strong
Rap ain’t no lap, this more like a marathon
This track ain’t no track, just something I said it on
Get life in harmony, put love in your arms
Forgive to receive the blessing [?]
This the product Malcolm X and Farrakhan, Martin Luther [?]
All my beautiful people, all my beautiful people
I’m the ghetto apostle, come on, follow, I’ll lead you
Tell ’em put down the pipe, leave your bottles and needles
Treat your family right, your mama is gonna need you
Mama, auntie, and cousin, what they teach you ’bout thugging?
He ain’t amount to nothing, he on top of that oven
Selling drugs on that corner as little niggas be drumming
[?] fittin’ to hit you with something
[?] say nothing ’bout stunting
You ain’t talking nothing, and you ain’t talking ’bout nothing
Bullshit, I’m the pope, I think I am onto something
One hand power people, one hand power people
White, purple, and yellow and all of my brown people
[?] all the negativity and hate
[?] move a whole town of people
Hold up
If you ain’t ’bout progression then pick up a desert eagle, hold up
If you ain’t ’bout progression then pick up a desert eagle
If you ain’t ’bout progression then pick up a desert eagle
Yeah, yeah, uh, come on
Harlem World, come on
New York, Harlem World, come on
Yeah, yeah, uh
Let’s quit all the fun and games
Let’s talk about the world that come with the fame
We all just people, who’s to blame
For the road to riches and diamond rings?
I had a premonition me losing my Lamborghini
Lean and ketamine took my man out of his beenie
I wish we could’ve worked out, eat a bit of zuccini
Traded that big bottle of Henny for the Fiji
I was Alladin, he was a genie
I love his momma, I be saddened when she seen me
Who would’ve knew that the party would end wrong?
Who would’ve knew Fergy Ferg would sad song?
Who would’ve knew A$AP would come this far?
Who would’ve knew Yams’ vision would make us all stars?
The fame and access that kill us all
You ever deal with a drug addict who was your boy?
Who, when you talk to him, he keep nodding off ?
Swear it sound like he was dying every time he snored
Touchy subject, heart kind of sore
I can’t help it people, this I cannot ignore
I gotta talk ’bout it, I gotta get it off
Anybody with a problem with it made you niggas soft
Yeah, anybody with a problem with it made you niggas soft
R.I.P. A$AP Yams
R.I.P. Capital Steez
R.I.P. to Chinx Drugz
A$AP, Ferg, New York, I’m out


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