OC Constables Lyrics
`Police be clocking me` -> KRS-One - Hip Hop vs Rap

[Verse 1]
I make wax, I pay tax, I don`t show cracks
Something to kick back, you callin` on dispatch
The deal you`d did with a dealer you the distel
Took Gladys from his box now he`s burried in the system
You see me comin` out of my building
All types of days and nights, wondering if I got a nine to five
Those I always do, so you cry I spy
A flashin` goes smile, you in the corner of my eye
Walkin` I feel the hawk over right the side
It`s over from the act, lyricist start to walk live
Shop lift or what, then I start to jog
Hearin` speed accelerated from the J-8`s car
The sirens sound violent they expect more not ready
I`m on the stoop my man named Little Eddy we started laughing
He`s nextdoor from me, is a house that has traffic like drugs are free
But I`m a new face in a new place of a melon race
Gets black in `em makes a good fellon case
And that`s not so and I get mad cause everywhere I go
Long as I`m dark walkin clarks in my village tho

`Police be clocking me` -> KRS-One - Hip Hop vs Rap (8X)

[Verse 2]
They clocking, shocking and knocking me
Wantin` a reason for whocking me
But I ain`t committin` no crime
Soon as they stoppin me O.C. roll if a dolo went solo
Cop car come screechin in my presence in a second yellin `Freeze!`
I`m scared how can I stop hopped over a fence
Runnin` frantic sendin` O.C. into a panic
I `fused to be rock me hardly you won`t scar me beatin` me down
Yellin` smellin old and coffee sender
Fuckin` hard, but soft to a stick
Some cops are cool and some are just downright dicks
You won`t in 68 me in a choke hole, death mockinc12

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