Cozz – Knock Tha Hustle Lyrics

Yeah, third take nigga
Cozz & Effect nigga
Yeah, yeah, I got to
Yeah, yeah…1

[Verse 1]
Jealousy holding enemies hostage
Eventually the penalty will come and haunt ya2
Hennessy memories3 leaving me nauseous
But the Hennessy makes the melodies awesome
So instead of me talking I’m steady jotting4
And steady plotting on how to gain spaghetti toppings
You know that parmesan, that cheddar, mozzarella5
The list goes on and on you know my heart is strong
I’m a young phenomenon6
It’s like these people keep forgetting
It’s always the least expected who ends up getting it7
So don’t tell me bout no niggas hating
What’s the point if I hear
Mr. not giving a fuck with a joint in his ear8
Put that steak on his plate then so long disappear
Empty gut I’m hungry man, the guns pointing this year
I’m feeling like I’m dealing with children boy I’m killing9
Niggas already trying to bite styles
You break a tooth if you bite down
Bitch I go way too hard10

I’ve been in this hood dog for way too long man
I’ve been quiet for way too long
Been patiently waiting can’t wait too long dog
I’ve been broke man for way too long11
No hot water for way too long
You can’t knock the hustle it’s way too strong
Yeah we’re way too strong12

[Verse 2]
Let me touch you with my words, kiss you with a song
Let me fuck you mentally, caress you with a melody13
I do it for my enemies but especially for my dogs14
So we all get to eat a full bowl of pedigree
These full time hoes get a full bowl of fuck you I’m getting cheese15
Well shit, I’m trying to
So I really can’t spend time with you
I can’t lie to you, to tell the truth
I just wanna lie with you16
If that’s fine with you
I don’t wanna spend no time in school
It’s a waste of time17
And you can’t always do what your parents like all the time
Plus, i got enough degrees anyway
Check my Fahrenheit you see the charts on the table18
Fuck getting somber we probably start a label
Fuck getting mine boy I’m tryna feed the table19
Fuck being fine girl you gotta have a brain too20
You gotta have a brain too cus

I’ve been chasing dumb hoes for way too long
I’ve been in this hood dog for way too long
I’ve been patiently waiting for way too long
I’ve been quiet dog for way too long
You can’t knock the hustle boy it’s way too strong
We’ve been trying for way too long
Bout to get off been waiting too long nigga21


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