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Kisses so candy sweet (sweet)
I`m crush`n on you

That thing you do
Makes me lose control
Cause I`m crushin you
Cause today and forever
I`ll be loving you

See I`m so confused (should I let you know?)
How I feel for you
And I just can`t deny, babe im hooked on your love
I know you got those

Kisses so candy sweet
I`m begging you on my knees (yeah yeah yeah)
And loving you head to toe
I`m crushn on you (baby baby baby, crush`n crush`n)

And if you were mine, I`d never let you go
Cause you blow my mind
And when the time is right
I will give myself to you (yeah baby)
And I know that if you feel it too
I think I`m going insane, still I can`t get enough of your love
Oh baby baby baby


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