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Stay, Won't beg you to stay,
Go, yeah I'll be okay,
Won't kill me this way, oh oh,
At least that's what I'll say,
No, you don't have to know,
The wounds that hurt me the most,
Cause I'll never show,
Just how deep they go.
That's why I'm telling you,
Every time you have to go,
I don't think you don't even know,
It's like a dagger in my heart
Every time you have to leave,
Can't believe it cuts so deep.
It's like a dagger in my heart,
Dagger, x6
Oh, it's like a dagger in my heart,
Dagger x6,
Ooh, it's like a dagger in my heart.

Strong I thought I was strong,
These scars would heal before long,
I guess I was wrong, Oh,
And I'm too far gone oh oh,
Try, I know I should try,
To just get on with my life,
But I'm staying awake tonight,
I just can't say goodbye, Noo.


The last words I would say,
Is, there ain't anyone else,
who can take this pain away.


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